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Luxury Gifts from Europe. 1001Shops is online store of authentic european gifts. | Online Gifts Shop 1001Shops.com

They are folded bowls which can be used as décor items as well as fruit bowls or bouquet holders on banquet and conference tables.
Our collection of Limoges boxes depicting animals is vast and embraces all sorts of animals, birds, reptiles, insects etc. under the sun.
The music boxes are painted with very charming colors and each of them features heart-shaped designs. There are single hearts with integrated floral designs and twin hearts that intertwine with each other.
These Murano glass vases are fashioned in various attractive shapes.
Murano Glass Birds
elegant porcelain Limoges Boxes - For you
Murano Glass Jewelry
Ballerina girl music boxes
Halloween Beer Steins
Travel and Monuments
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Authenticity of 1001 Shops Murano Glass Items
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