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Luxury Gifts from Europe. 1001Shops is online store of authentic european gifts. | Online Gifts Shop 1001Shops.com

Grat Murano glass sculprures- your special Valentines Day Gift
The music boxes are painted with very charming colors and each of them features heart-shaped designs. There are single hearts with integrated floral designs and twin hearts that intertwine with each other.
This is selection of elegant porcelain Limoges Boxes having themes that feature lifeÂ’s special occasions.
German quality and engineering is known around the world for quality, attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. We also feature distinctive steins from the renowned manufacturer Zoeller and Born.
 Venetian Masks for Masquerade & Carnival
Murano Glas Gifts - Beautiful Valentine gifts
Murano Glass Jewelry - These gorgeous Murano Glass Necklaces truly stand out. Made of individual pieces of Murano glass they are as captivating as they are elegant.
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Authenticity of 1001 Shops Murano Glass Items
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