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Murano Glass

Murano Glass

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Quick view Marlin $1 839.00
Height: 21.50" Width: 5.50"


Quick view Sailboat $248.99
Height: 14.00" Length: 8.00"

Aqua/Blue Sailboat Large

Quick view Aqua/Blue Sailboat Large $310.00
Height: 16.50" Length: 10.50"

Aqua/Blue Murano Glass Fish

Quick view Aqua/Blue Murano Glass Fish $240.00
Height: 10" Length: 11.5"

Aqua blue spiral cone

Quick view Aqua blue spiral cone $480.00
Height: 10.00"

Abstract aqua blue

Quick view Abstract aqua blue $290.00
Height: 12.00"

Murano Glass Fire Horse

Quick view Murano Glass Fire Horse $400.00
Height: 13"

Calcedonia Twist

Quick view Calcedonia Twist $358.99
Height: 14.00"

Murano Glass Bird

Quick view Murano Glass Bird $364.00
Height: 15"

Female Torso

Quick view Female Torso $918.99
Height: 17.75"
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