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15 Best Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching you must be incessantly thinking and planning for suitable gifts for various people in your lives. It is not easy to choose the best suited presents for everyone. You can take a few tips from us in that case. The 1001shops is at your service. We have a whole lot of gift items that will suit your purpose without a hitch.

Music boxes that enhance the merry mood of Christmas and New Year

The music boxes are small handy containers that can be used to hold jewelry mainly, and alternatively souvenirs and keepsakes. These are beautifully polished and inlaid boxes that produce music when opened. It will be a pleasure for the recipient to open the gift with a soft tune.

1. Ballerina music boxes

To be a ballerina is a part of every little girl’s fantasy and ambition. For the same reason, she will treasure a ballerina music box that will take her to the world of ballet dance with the fabulous music that emanates from it. Want to be the favourite parent of your little darling? Let her find happiness during these holidays in possessing a pretty ballerina music box.


2. Ercolano music boxes

These alluring art boxes display an artistry of the first order. They are inlaid with most romantic scenes and images. If you would like to remind your partner of the past romantic rendezvous, thus revitalizing your love for each other, gift him or her with an ercolano music box that is inlaid with a romantic garden spot. It is sure to transfer your partner to those moments you have spent together on similar spots.


3. Ornamental music boxes

You would like to gift your mother or grandmother with something that is beautiful and elegant. Some gift that represents undying beauty will suit your relationship with your maternal parent. The ornamental music boxes in our collection are all made of high quality wood. They are simple but very sophisticated. Let her feel the deep love you hold for her, when she opens the fabulous creation.


Murano glass articles that radiate light of happiness

Glass is always a fabulous medium to express emotional relationships. They shine in different ways. Some shine clearly and brightly while others reflect various shades of light and some shine demurely. This means that you are at liberty to choose them according to your requirement. Murano glass articles are art glass items with a wealth of heritage behind them.

4. Murano glass pendants

The lady in your life deserves the best. A murano glass pendant is a fabulously crafted piece of jewelry. We have simple pendants and intricately designed ones. There are spectacular heart shaped ones that will hold any lady in enchantment. Let her feel the magic of one of those pendants. They are incredibly romantic and alluring.



5. Purple Murano vases

Purple is a color of regal nature. When you want to gift somebody who is your superior, you would naturally want to gift him or her with something that will show a higher degree of elegance and sophistication. The Murano purple vases are beautifully hued art pieces which are simple and elegant. The inner vase space is demarcated with purple color, while the outer base is crafted with crystal clear glass. They are great décor pieces.


6 . Murano glass sculptures

Would you like to deviate from the usual and conventional gift items? Try some of our Murano glass sculptures. We have a highly diverse collection. There are abstract and modern art pieces and very romantic sculptures. What’s more, you can get a murano glass sculpture that suits every relationship and a variety of temperaments and interests.



Beer steins to commemorate a season of unparalleled happiness

Beer steins are appropriate gifts for your friends and relatives who find happiness in revelry. These are invaluable collector’s items. The genuine German beer steins are always held in high esteem. So decide to stun your friends with one of those stunning German beer containers.

7. Heritage scenes beer steins

All the German beer steins in our inventory are made of 100% German materials. The heritage scenes German steins are prized items because of the scenes depicted on their relief. They are the embodiments of history and culture of Germany. If you want to add value to your hobbyist friend’s collection, there is nothing more suited than one of these. Gift him with one of these heritage scenes steins and let him marvel at your thoughtfulness.


8. Beer boots

When you select gift items, it is always good to choose an item that will surprise the recipient in the most pleasant way. Give someone one of our beer boots and you will be highly gratified by their widening eyes and broad grin. There are beer boots with images embossed on them and also other transparent ones. Both are fabulous items.



9. Glass beer mugs

Beer mugs are more commonly used drink holders now. The glass beer mugs that are produced by some of the traditional beer stein companies are highly esteemed beer containers. Present your close friends with these beer mugs. These transparent mugs will let them feast their eyes with the golden liquid poured in them.



Limoges boxes as valuable gift items

These wonderful porcelain boxes are small containers for small trinkets and tit-bits. They are great as gift boxes for carrying small jewelry for your loved ones. So get one of those hand crafted Limoges boxes and use it to carry precious gift jewelry for the people you love. You

10. Traditional Limoges boxes

Christmas and New Year is a time to spoil the people you love dearly, be it your wife, husband, parents, children or siblings. our traditional Limoges boxes that are crafted with expertise can be used to hold precious jewelry for any of these people. They are so decorative that the recipients will be delighted. The Limoges boxes are of diverse shapes and designs. Bring joy to your people by gifting them something precious in the even more precious container.


11. Ladies accessories Limoges boxes

Ladies love to have things that feature different feminine accessories because they look more decorative. To have a small box that can be used to hold her powder puff is something event woman likes. If the container looks like a hand bag or purse, it is very convenient and cute. Cheer her this season with a Limoges box that looks like a lady’s hand bag or shoe-box.



12. Limoges art boxes

An artist will be delighted to possess one of our Limoges art boxes. These are extremely decorative. Choose one of the 1001shops art boxes to please a friend or relative who is particularly artistic. These boxes feature some of the world famous paintings on them. So they are functional as well as decorative.



Venetian Masks – an apt holiday gift item

Venetian masks are symbols of merriment and care free enjoyment. They provide the wearer a certain anonymity that helps in having fun without the fear of being criticized by conventionalists. Enable some of your friends or kindred to enjoy themselves without constraints.

13. Incas Venetian Masks

The Incas masks are half masks with rich plumage crown. These particular masks suit ladies. The decorative frame of the eyes draws attention to the eyes. If your lady has beautiful eyes there is no reason why you should not help her to flaunt them. Buy an Incas mask for your wife, girl friend or teen-aged daughter. She will adore you for it.


14. Colombina Venetian Masks

It is fun holding a mask against your face and walk into a costume party. The Colombina Venetian masks provide such an opportunity. It looks very fashionable. Allow your lady to be extremely chic with a Colombia stick mask in her hand. This variety also includes full face masks which are often stunning in looks.



15 Commedia Venetian Masks

Attending a costume party is fun. New Year is the season for such parties. To appear in a masquerade party wearing a comical mask is just the thing. Youngsters will love to be the centre of attraction. Gift one of these masks to your son or other young friends or relatives. Let them enjoy the extra attention they get during the parties.




 by Marina Chernyak


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