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Why Authentic Beer Steins are an Excellent Gifting Idea

Why Authentic Beer Steins are an Excellent Gifting Idea

Birthdays and weddings are happy occasions nevertheless but for the ones who are invited to be a part of the celebration, ‘what to gift’ often becomes a dilemma that takes a little fun out of the excitement.

Most of us would like our gift to be something unusual that can be remembered and kept as a memoir for years to come, but with every passing wedding, the ideas get repetitive and thus the need to find fresh ones, bigger.

Emerging from this very need is the concept of gifting an authentic beer stein. If the birthday boy or groom in question is a beer lover or even a beer drinker, he will absolutely love this unusual yet very useful gift and will probably own and treasure it for as long as he can.

Here are a few reasons why authentic beer steins make great gifts at weddings and other occasions:

  1. Affordable yet Luxurious: Authentic German Steins may not come cheap but at $ 110- $ 150 they are certainly affordable. In this price range you can get some beautiful beer steins that are genuine, unique and luxurious and thus perfect for gifting. Most of these steins are hand painted, making them an indulgent gift.
  2. Unique: How many people do you think would be gifting beer steins? Very few for sure. Authentic steins make for a very unusual and unique gift for most occasions that very few people would think of.
  3. Non-Perishable: Unlike flowers and gifts like chocolates, steins are a non perishable gift. Moreover they have a much longer shelf life and probability to stay intact as compared to fragile china or even a spa voucher which will be valid only for a limited time.
  4. Non-Repetitive: Even if another guest does gift an authentic stein, it will not be identical to yours. There are hundreds of steins available and the probability of gifting an identical stein is almost nil. In fact you will help in adding to a possible collection of different steins.
  5. Useful: Authentic steins are not necessarily collectibles. Even though they are extremely beautiful to look at, their primary purpose is after all to serve beer! They are hence a really useful gift which your friend can use every time he wishes to sip chilled beer and also get a feel of authentic German culture.
  6. Personalised: You can purchase a wedding beer stein from a reputed online or offline store and have it personalised. Most stores will even customise a wedding beer stein for you by engraving the name of the couple on the lid.

Beer steins are thus a great gifting item, a lot different from the typical chip and dip platters and far more affordable than silverware and expensive china.

by Marina Chernyak



Marina Chernyak
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