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Gio Ponti – The Ultimate Designer

Giovanni Ponti aka Gio Ponti was an Italian designer who did not stop at designing one thing. He designed everything from table ware to large sophisticated buildings. He also wielded his pen in writing poems and articles in magazines. As if he was not satisfied with any of these activities, he served as a professor in many institutions inspiring the younger generation to be as active as himself. According to his daughter, he was a man who packed 60 hours’ work in 24 hours.

This incredibly talented man was born in Milan Italy in 1891. He started his career with ceramics art even if he had a degree in architecture. Soon he diverted his attention to his learned profession of architecture.

Ponti considered architecture not as a lone activity. In his view, a building and everything in it came under the purview of the architect. So he began to pay attention to the interior of the building, which included furniture, utensils, décor items light fixtures etc.

Gio Ponti’s glass art flourished with his association with the great Venini, who is considered to be the promoter of modern Murano glass art. Ponti was greatly influenced by the modern ideas of Venini and joined him in producing some of the most venerated hand blown glass items.

The most popular and picturesque creation of Gio Ponti was his collection of light fixtures. These fabulous multi handed chandeliers and wall fixtures were made of beautifully colored glass. The multi colored chandelier is a stunning piece of art.

He also produced variously colored glass bottles, drinking glasses and other table ware. The bottles shaped like women were among Ponti’s innovative glass art.

The thick stained glass articles he produced were appreciated very much and many of the said items even now grace the world’s best museums. They had adorned many a biennale of his time and were highly applauded. The multicolored thick glass blocks can be used as screens or window glasses.

Gio Ponti is now known for his unparalleled contributions in the field of art glass. The genius passed away in 1976, leaving a great void in the art world.

by Marina Chernyak

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