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Shopping in Italy

Italy, that part of Europe which extends deep into the Mediterranean and which is shaped like the stiletto heeled lady’s leg, is as unique as its shape. It is a land that has witnessed many great events in history. Rome with the abode of The Pop is a much celebrated part of Italy. Venice with its incredible constructions in water is a much sought after tourist destination. The magnificent museums, monuments and remains of great antique constructions make Italy an interesting destination for history buffs.

Italy holds a major part of human history in its museums, antique buildings and gardens. Italy has the most number of world heritage sites. The country teems with tourists year round. The magnificent sights and pleasant climate is not the only attractions that draw people all over the world to Italian shores.

Italy is one of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations. The leather goods, designer products, exquisite Murano glass articles, Sorrento Music boxes, intricate Burano laces and porcelain goods are some of the must-buys in Italy. The Italian cuisine is another world over attraction.

When you travel abroad it usually becomes mandatory to bring back small little curios for relatives and friends. So here is a souvenir shopping guide for you.

When you buy a souvenir, it is very important to make sure that you buy genuine products. Today’s markets being flooded with counterfeit products, you should look for the characteristic marks and certificates of authenticity before buying a souvenir.

Music boxes

These small trinket boxes are the specialty of Sorrento region in Italy. These are wooden boxes which contain prearranged music. This music is provided by rotating a metallic drum with prearranged notches on them. These notches are used to pluck the teeth of a metallic comb to produce tunes.

These boxes are excellent souvenirs. They are often decorated using the ancient art of inlay. The woods used are exotic burl woods like maple, elm, white poplar etc. There are music boxes which are meant for every occasion and very relationship.

Murano Glass Articles

The island of Murano in Venice, Italy has been termed as the glass capital of the world from time immemorial. The exquisitely colored and shaped fine glass objects are the specialty of Murano. There are decor items as well as utility items among them

The Murano glass sculptures are amazing decor articles. The Murano artists have crafted these sculptures taking themes from the nature and succeeded in making them life like. These sculptors usually bring positive energy to your rooms.

The magnificent Murano glass vases and centrepieces are splendid gift articles that are admired all over the world.

Murano glass jewelry

The Murano glass jewelry is made of individually blown and manually shaped glass beads. The fact that they are individually crafted beads, is responsible for their perfection. These beads are strung according to the imagination of the artists to form picturesque ornaments. So they are every lady’s dream come true.

Venetian Masks

Venetian carnival is a world famous event which is attended by thousands of enthusiasts all over the world. The unbridled enjoyment provided by the masks makes the carnival of Venice and Venetian masks very popular. If you bring back a beautiful mask for your loved ones, they will be greatly appreciated.

There are all kinds of masks to choose from. You can choose one that suits your mood or the interests of the recipient.

So if you are planning to visit Italy this season, look out for these budget friendly items. The shopping and dinner complexes in Italy should not be missed. While you are in Italy do not hesitate to try the singularly Italian cuisine.

by Marina Chernyak

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