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Chocolate Days Festival

Summer is a time for travel. If you are looking for a not-so-busy tourist destination, try Bayonne, France. May is the best time to visit this wonderful city situated in southwestern France. This city is often nicknamed as the chocolate capital of France. The reason for this is that most of the chocolate factories of France are located here. The Chocolate days festival is a two-day delicious festivity in the city. These two days at the beginning of summer is dedicated to chocolate fans

When you go down the history of the city, you will find the origin of chocolate making in the country, which goes down to 16th century. That is when the Jews, running away from Portugal, reached here. The Jews, who were experts in making chocolate, soon started the first chocolate factory in Bayonne. They produced the most delicious chocolate items.

A century later these Jews were forced to leave the city. But by this time they had transferred their chocolate making skills to the local French population. These people in their turn bettered the art using their own initiative to invent various kinds of new chocolate items. The mouth-watering chocolate is given various extremely imaginative shapes. So now Bayonne is one of the most famous chocolate cities.

The Chocolate days festival is organized for two days in May. The 2015 Chocolate days festival is scheduled for 30th and 31st May, 2015. On these two days if you happen to be in the city, you can take part in the yummiest French festival of the year. Chocolate connoisseurs from far and wide will crowd the streets of Bayonne on those two days to taste the innumerable varieties of chocolate items.

The local confectioners invent delicious ways and means to offer maximum enjoyment of this tasty concoction, which is chocolate. You will have your taste buds satisfied in the best possible way. Besides, during the two chocolate days you are able to watch the skillful confectioners make their lip-smacking chocolate creations.

Apart from having you fill of the delectable delicacy, you can have guided tours through the town and the origin and the history of Bayonne chocolate industry will be recounted by experienced guides. Knowing the incredible history doubles your enjoyment of the present day blend of Bayonne chocolate.

Innumerable exhibitions are conducted by various chocolate factories to showcase their wares and promote their sales. After having a taste of this centuries-old chocolate tradition of the city, you will have acquired quite a bit of knowledge of chocolate and its making.

by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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