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Sorrento Music Boxes - Excellent Gift items and Collectibles

 The art and architecture of Sorrento are greatly influenced by the great cultures that had occupied the city during the ancient times. The ancient masters of Greece, Rome and Byzantium have left their influence on the Sorrentine arts. The Sorrento music boxes are the best examples for this. The masterful handling of wood is very much evident in the creation of these inlaid boxes.

These boxes make excellent gifts for any occasion. They come in different shapes and with a variety of inlays. There is a suitable inlay for every occasion and for people of every age.

SORRENTO WINE RED HEART AND FLOWER MUSIC BOXIf you want to impress your girlfriend on the Valentine’s Day, there is nothing like a Sorrento music box inlaid with a romantic painting. A music box with the figure of two intertwining hearts eloquently declares your concern for her. Each time she opens it and listens to the romantic tune, she will be reminded of you and your mutual love.

CLASSICO PATTERN DESIGN MUSICBOXIf your beloved is already your life partner, you can give him or her a Sorrento music box on his or her birthday or on your marriage anniversary. You can even present your loved one a Sorrento box to commemorate a special occasion during your courting period, like the time and place of your first meeting or the place where you had proposed to her. In short, Sorrento artisans have crafted music boxes that suit all the occasions.

BALERINA LARGE PLUMWhen you want to congratulate your little girl on her first stage performance you can give her a ballerina music box. She will be very happy to keep her trinkets in it. A butterfly music box is another item that impresses little girls. These can make ideal birthday presents for them.

Suppose you want to show your love and appreciation for your parents; then you can select a natural burl music box for your father or mother. These boxes have an elegance of their own. Being 100% natural in their design, they are unique and one of a kind.

RAINBOW MUSIC BOXThe Sorrento music boxes are great collectible items. The old master crafts men have left a wealth of their expertise with these inlaid boxes. You can go for one of those vintage music boxes which reveal the skill of generations.

A music box that displays the natural burls and grain formations is a rare product because Mother Nature’s designs cannot be duplicated. It will be a unique item in your collection.

OCTAGONAL WINE RED LARGE JEWELRY BOXMost of the modern designs are a blend of the old world and the new generation ideas. But the art of making these Sorrento boxes is one which has been passed on from generation to generation. They possess the same perfection and hence become a prized possession of any collector.

The woodcraft is a special skill of the Sorrento artisans. They know exactly how to assemble wood pieces of different natural colors and designs to create another stunning man-made design. The wooden surfaces polished to bling perfection and the lovely paintings on them are enough to win the appreciation of any connoisseur of art.

 by Marina Chernyak


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H: 2.5" W: 4.25" L: 4.25"

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Wine red violin inlay music box

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H: 2.50" W: 4.00" L: 3.75"
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