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The Current and Upcoming Events in Italy


From March to October, it is show time in Italy. It is during this time all the important cultural and social events are scheduled every year. The Universal Exhibition hosted by Milan is the main event. This exhibition in which numerous countries in the world take part is an event with a mission every year a theme is selected and different aspects of this theme is developed by all the participating countries.

Milan Expo - 2015

The Milano Expo 2015 is scheduled from 1st May to 31st October. The theme of expo 2015 is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for life”. The participating countries are expected to examine the issue from various angles and develop sustainable solutions for them. This currently much relevant theme is to be looked at from economic, scientific, cultural and social point of view.

The problems to be addressed are how to solve the specific food and feeding issues all over the world. The world faces two kinds of food problems at present – one is the scarcity of food and the other is obesity. So the Expo 2015 is expected to thrash out these issues and decide how to feed the world better without losing the right taste and food culture.

The Milan Expo 2015 is organized in about one million square meters along the axis of Rho-Fiera and Malpensa. After the event the venue is expected to leave a concrete land mark in the form of a smart city in which technology and energy are used in a sustainable way

Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci Milan 2015

Spring and summer seasons are often used up in various exhibitions in Italy. The most important of them is the exhibition conducted in memoriam of the greatest artist of all ages, Leonardo da Vinci. The Leonardo Expo 2015 has already commenced on 15th April and will continue till 19th July. The venue is Palazzo Reale.

The exhibition is basically a dedication to the great artist and a lot many of his masterpieces will be on exhibition. Apart from da Vinci’s paintings and drawings, many works of the top-notch artists and painters of his time also will be exhibited in the expo.

Gelato Festival 2015

This event attracts many visitors from all over the world. This is a food fest, especially famous for ice creams. Ice cream is said to have been invented by an Italian called Bernardo Buontalenti, during the renaissance. So it is only apt for the Italians to conduct a festival to commemorate the delectable invention. The Gelato cards can be bought and this would allow a visitor to visit the fest till the last day and taste five flavors of ice creams and a cocktail of ice creams every time he enters. This scrumptious exhibition of 2015 has started and will close by 3rd May.

Furthermore, after the spring season, the summer events will start. The summer events are almost always conducted in open air as Italian summers are real sizzlers. Italy is renowned for its operas and ballets. The Italians find it fit to organize their talent shows for the enthusiasts from in and out of Italy, during summer season. The best opera is often put up at Milan at La Scala. July to September is known as the Opera Season in Italy.

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