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Paris Jazz Festival

The jazz is the kind of music that fills your whole being with exhilaration. Your mood sores, whichever age group you belong to. Paris, France will provide you with the high spirits that only jazz can give you during two months in a year. June and July are the months that blend the madness of jazz with the warm summer weather. When this happens with the glorious nature as the backdrop, the enjoyment reaches its crescendo. This is the true effect of the Paris Jazz festival on you.

When you know the history of the event, you will be more incredulous. This wonderful event, which keeps the jazz fans of the world counting the days for its inauguration, is actually started by two jazz buffs, who decided to entertain in a park. The Botanical garden of Bois de Vincennes had supported them. Little did either of them know about the grand future of the event. But soon the jazz aficionados took up the spirit and the event was repeated year after year attracting more and more jazz enthusiasts as the years rolled by.

Then in 1998 the event that was gaining speedy and large popularity was officially given the name, Paris Jazz festival. Now it is an inevitable celebration that fills all the weekends of June and July in Paris. This music festival provides knowledge and entertainment to the people of all ages. The multipronged workshops that are conducted during this festival offer an initiation for the young generation to the fantastic world of jazz. They gain the basics of the music during this festival.

In the case of people, who have already started their journey through the intricate path of Jazz music, get more insight into the same. The veterans perform to showcase their efforts and experiments in the improvement of this particular genre of music. The jazz devotees from all over the world flow to Paris in large numbers, so that they can plunge themselves into the exciting waves of Jazz.

The most important fact is that you will be able to detect a theme in all the different performances. Every year the Paris Jazz festival is spun around a particular them. The performers are to conform to this theme when they design their performance.

This enhances the enjoyment of the event. In this year’s festival 33 superb concerts by the top performers are expected.

Even if the festival is dedicated to the Jazz music other genres of music are also presented during the Paris Jazz Fest. Sometimes a blend of many styles becomes the focus of attraction. The latest evolution in the field of music is often brought out during this famous festival.

Dance is an inseparable aspect of music. So if you have a chance to attend the celebrated festival you can enjoy a number of dance parties and other games in the park. The Parc Floral Vincennes provides a suitable ambience for such festivities.

 The Paris Jazz festival provides the musicians an excellent platform to showcase the results of their experiments and modernization. Many original styles evolve during this magnificent music festival every year. So every year in June and July the world crowds in Paris to enjoy the thrills of Jazz music.

by Marina Chernyak


Marina Chernyak
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