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Oktoberfest and Beer Steins

Origin of Oktoberfest

In 1810 the crown prince Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxe - Hildburghausen. To honor the couple a large festival was organized and the citizens of Munich took part in the merriment accompanying the royal wedding.

Horse races were conducted in the honor of the royal couple and there was general merriment for many days. The next year also the horse race was conducted and then on it became a custom and thus originated the Oktoberfest which proceeded to become the largest Volksfest or "People’s Fair".

It is the most popular funfair which Munich. The festival starts by the second half of September and end in the first week of October. It is usually a 16 day long festival which is conducted with great pomp and show. The people get to play games and enjoy traditional German food during the fair.

But the quantity of beer consumption during the fest is the main feature of he fest. Millions of litters of beer are consumed. The Oktoberfest beer is special and brewed in compliance with the German beer purity law. It is compulsory that only the beer brewed within the city limits of Munich will be served in the Oktoberfest.

Now it has become an integral part of the German culture. Many countries conduct Oktoberfest following the example of Germany. This is an occasion of food and drink and general merrymaking.

Oktoberfest Beer steins

When the beer brewed is special it needs to be consumed in special steins. A lot of top-notch companies produce limited edition of Oktoberfest beer steins every year. They are special in the designs and make.

The theme on these porcelain steins are scenes from the October fest. Beer steins with beautiful horses are very beautiful. Horses are appropriate images for an Oktoberfest beer stein, because horse race is an important part of the fair.

These beer steins are available in different sizes – small, medium and 1 litter steins. Considering the quantity of the beer consumed, this diversity is reasonable.

The German beer steins used in Oktoberfest are of varied shapes. Some of them are shaped like drinking horns. These become special collectors’ items. the glass steins are also popular.

These Oktoberfest steins which come in a wide range of colors are favorites of collectors all over the world. The porcelain steins are crafted with a gloss finish which adds to the beauty of the items.

Most of these steins are made in the traditional beer stein form which is cylindrical with a dome shaped lid. The ornamental lids of these beer mugs are sometimes as spectacular as the scenes painted on their bodies. The paintings excel in their meticulous details and life like quality.

The color combination of these pictures is wonderful. Many colors are blended together without sacrificing the clarity of the pictures in any way. The craftsmanship of these beer steins is incredible in their perfection.

The Oktoberfest beer steins are as special as the funfair itself. All the color and exuberance of the fair are often well-represented in the creation of these limited edition beer steins.

by Marina Chernyak



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