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You buy gifts for people you love in order to show them how much you love them. At the same time buying suitable gifts is always a challenge. You will have to conduct a full-fledged research on the person before gifting him or her with something.

Buying those traditional and ‘clichéd’ gifts is now outdated and extremely boring. But at the same time the gifts should please the receiver. At 1001shop.com, we offer gifts for all ages and interests. The original continental pieces we offer are guaranteed to please you.

Gifts for special occasions – Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, Graduation, Wedding, House warming, Baby shower, Bridal shower…..

Unique gifts for unique people

Calcedonia Murano Sculptures are unique products made in the Glass Capital of the world, Murano Island, Venice. They are genuine pieces hand-crafted in the Island of Murano by experience traditional Glass blowers of the island. The specialty of these goods is that there are no similar items in this production. If you want to give a completely unique present to somebody you consider unique, this is just it. It will express your unique feelings for the person.

Cool gifts that bestow a cool ambience to the occasion

Our cobalt & blue vases are so exquisite that it will gladden the heart of the recipient. The magnificent and bright shades of blue lend a cool atmosphere to any space. The vases are shaped skillfully and artistically. These are great décor pieces that can be used as gift items on special occasions like birth days and anniversaries. These fabulous art pieces can be presented to people of any age or gender.

Glorious art pieces to grace glorious occasions

The Murano Murrine glass pieces are created using the age-old Murano Murrine technique. It produces glass items which do not resemble each other in design. The handmade pieces are crafted using real gold and silver flakes and powder. These Murano articles have earned worldwide admiration because of the brilliance and superiority of their designs. These are sure to be much appreciated as presents. They suit any special occasion splendidly.

A magnificent present for her on the special occasion

Any lady will be highly enamored by the Dim Bijoux Jewelry Collection on 1001 shops.com. This Italian designer jewelry is famous for its exquisite innovative designs. These are 100% handmade pieces using murano glass beads. The intricately crafted bead necklaces are spectacular in appearance. Surprise her with one of these pieces and let her realize the importance she has in your life.

Novel items for people who count

The Made USA- ceramic pieces are charmingly bizarre items that are crafted in clay. These gold and white pieces feature some of the creatures that are not normally found on tableware and vases. But that does not reduce their visual appeal in any way. Gift one of these pieces to the people you love. In spite of the unusual shapes on the items, the collection is comprehensive, consisting of plates, vases, candle stands and bowls. There are items that suit any occasion.

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