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A Wonderful Gift for a Wonderful Teacher

A teacher is a person who is invested with the noble mission of molding a generation. He/She is given a place even above God in many cultures. This is because a teacher is the person who opens the mind’s eye of a child, enabling it to see the world in the right light.

Apart from teaching subject to a child, a teacher shapes its personality and makes it possible for it to live a life of goodness. The influence of teachers begins from the kindergarten class and it prevails throughout the life of a person. As years pass, one may meet with a number of teachers at various levels. But the effect of good teachers eventually becomes the sum total of a person’s life.

So it is only appropriate to allot a day on which the teachers all over the world receive the honor and love from their students. For a good teacher, the students are often a grade above their own biological children. He stand to accumulate a wealth of students as his/her career advances.

Different countries celebrate teachers’ day on different dates. But October 5th is declared as the international teachers’ day. There are many countries which celebrate teachers’ day on October 5th. But in USA, the first full week in May is considered to be the teachers’ week. Whole of this week is dedicated to honoring teachers. The Tuesday of this week is often celebrated as the teachers’ day.

It is on this day the students remember the person who has influenced his/ her life equipping him/her well for facing the world. So on this day they would do well in finding time to honor their teachers. A teacher is sure to treasure a token of love from his/her students.

So how do you select a suitable present for a teacher? You can select jewelry for a lady teacher. There are also quite a few unisex gifts you can select from our inventory. Table décor items, home décor items, or some personalized gifts that suits the personality of your favorite teacher can be chosen as a teachers’ day gift.

Murano glass gifts

Murano glass jewelry is a wonderful gift item. The Murano glass masters produce very imaginative jewelry items, which suits every age and occasion. A simple necklace made of beautiful glossy Murano glass globules suits the sober but elegant personality of a teacher. You can select from the various colors that are available.

Our catalogue is replete with simple but elegant necklaces. You only have to suit them to the unique personality and tastes of your Ma’am. The necklace made of flat Italian glass beads with aventurine work is another piece with a unique subdued beauty.

Home décor items are also available in our Venetian glass gifts. Exquisite glass figurines of birds, animals or nautical models are suitable home décor pieces that can be presented to a teacher. As a student, you would know what your teacher likes.

Music box gifts

Music boxes are very imaginative gifts. It enables you to gift your favorite teacher something precious, with the accompaniment of music. You only have to select something like a good pen. A pendant, a pair of cuff-links or a tie pin for your teacher and get one of our beautiful burl wood Italian music boxes to hold these trinkets. You have a variety of tunes from which you can choose a relevant one. Opening the box to discover the token of your love and appreciation will be a pleasurable experience for you as well as your teacher.


Limoges box gifts

Limoges boxes are accepted as one of the valuable gift items all over the world. The fact that each box is individually hand made by experts makes the French Limoges boxes unique gifts. The artists full attention goes to the one piece he is working on, enabling him to attain the heights of perfection. The person who has held torch to your life’s achievements surely deserves one of these authentic Limoges boxes. Made of first quality porcelain and painted artistically, these porcelain creations are appreciated by the world.

It can take the shape of a bundle of classic volumes or a single literary wonder like Les Miserables. It can also proclaim you love for the teacher explicitly. Whatever the theme of the Limoges box is, your teacher will find it very meaningful. We have a wide variety of themes from which you can select.

by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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