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Much Sought-after Authentic Venetian Gifts

Venice, the group of islands in the calm and magnificent Adriatic Sea, is often associated with beauty and romance. The beautiful cities and towns with buildings in water is a wonder for the whole world. For the same reason, it is one of the principal tourist hubs of Europe.

A tour through this scenic country will provide you with the experience of a life time. When you visit a country it is only natural to get gifts and souvenirs for your people at home. While buying presents is an integral part of tourism, it is often very difficult to choose gifts and presents which suit everybody. Here is an advisory which will help you to choose authentic Venetian gifts for various people.

Gifts for ladies

Authentic Murano Glass Necklaces

It is absolutely certain that you will have a few dear ladies to please. She may be your mother, wife, sister, daughter or girlfriend. Young ladies and teenage girls will be euphoric to have jewelry that accessorizes their dresses, especially party dresses.

The magnificent multi colored cascade necklace is a beauty. It is available in different colors and you can select the one, which you think, will suit her. The cascade of handmade Murano glass beads of different size will make her the center of attraction at any party.

The black and silver necklace
 with matching earrings is one of those ornaments that will fill your lady with ecstasy. It will shimmer around her neck snugly to lend her face a unique glow.

The two layer necklace with soft blue pear shaped Murano glass beads is an elegant creation that will suit ladies of all ages.

The necklace with aventurine square beads will serve her as a style statement and she will love it. The necklace made of curved broken-pipe-beads of v arious bright shades is another of those authentic Murano glass necklaces that will stand out in a crowd.

Murano glass vases

Murano glass vases are grand home décor articles. They will impress any lady who is proud of her house and housekeeping. She knows that one of the Sommerso vases will enhance the élan of her room.

If it is the diamond cut version, it is even better. The multifaceted vase will be the center of attraction for the guests and pride of the lady of the house.

The cobalt blue Murano glass vase is an authentic example of the superior craftsmanship of the Murano artisans. She will be tempted to throw dinners and parties just to show off her Venetian gift.

Gifts for Gentlemen

A gentle man often appreciates gifts that can be ornamental on his office table or study table. Venice can boast of some of the most decorative glass sculptur
es that will be the focal point on a table. The nautical figurines usually bring in the cool aspect of the sea. But the crystal and gold image of a horse brings in positive vitality to the room and the man.

Gifts for Children

Gift for a child should be selected carefully. It must appeal to their childish longings and dreams. Most children love pets and aquariums. If you can gift your child with an aquarium which does not need any maintenance, it will be his proud possession for life.

Any gift that can be called authentic Venetian gift is an asset to your collection or your dear ones’ collection. So care should be taken you choose dealers and shops that can claim credibility and integrity...

by Marina Chernyak


Murano Glass Gifts

Murano Glass Vase Gray/Ruby

Quick view Murano Glass Vase Gray/Ruby $413.00
Height: 12.00"

Calcedony Heart

Quick view Calcedony Heart $1,027.00  $960.00
H: 13.00" W: 4.00" L: 8.00"
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