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Formia Fornace Mian

Murano glass articles are the favorites of collectors all over the world. But it is important for the collectible to be a true Murano glass piece. There are a few furnaces that are authorized by the Veneto Regional Law to use the certifying mark. Fornace Mian is one of them.

This Murano glass industry is a 20th century addition to the Murano glass blowing tradition. It was established by Alfio Mian in 1962. He was a master in the art and very much dedicated to the traditional art of Murano. He started the furnace in a very small way, with two artisans. But the dedication of these men and their commitment to the art soon gained their establishment name and fame.

In the 1970s his son Giuliano Mian took up the thread of the business and the passion from his father and joined him in propagating the age-old tradition of Murano. The furnace has grown incredibly through the years and now it is a 10000 square meter establishment. It has 26 ovens, grinding department, showrooms, warehouses and business offices. The establishment that started with two master glass blowers now has more than 80 employees.

The most encouraging fact is that the third generation of Mians is also interested in their family business and Simone and Patrizia Mian are as committed to the art as their ancestors.

Fornace Mian produces a lot of Murano glass items like light fittings and chandeliers of various ranges and colors, gift objects, vases and sculptures. All the articles produced in this furnace are crafted with extreme care and precision. No compromise has been done in following the thousand year-old techniques of glass blowing.

The limited editions are special pieces that are created to defy time. They are objects that are produced by master artisans using a whole spectrum of colors and exclusive shapes.

The Vivarini collections of the furnace are inspired by a lot of aspects of day-to-day life. They express moods and emotions very effectively. These very subjective creations integrate art and emotions very well. Some of these items are inspired by the works of world renowned painters.

The genuineness of these articles is guaranteed by the Vetro Artistico® Murano mark. This is a mark that shows that the glass items are original Murano glass items produced in the Island of Murano. This mark can only be used by the concessionaires of the trade mark and it guarantees the quality and genuineness of the object. Fornace Mian glass objects carry this trade mark and hence the collectors can be sure of their worth as collectibles.

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

Murrine Glass Dolphin

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Height: 3.00" Length: 5.00"
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