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Davide Salvadore – The Iconic Glass Master of Modern Times

The Venetian Island of Murano is called the glass capital of the world because it was on this island the incredibly beautiful and delicate art of Blowing and shaping glass evolved. This age-old art was propagated through the works of the ancient glass maestros of the island. While most of the predecessors of these artisans have discarded the traditional art in order to pursue other professions, a few members of the present generation preserved the passion in their hearts. Davide Salvadore is one of such people.

Davide Salvadore was born in the Island of Murano in the year 1953. He was initiated into the glass works at a very tender age by his grandfather. He learned the techniques of building kilns and blowing glass under his grandfather. The young Davide nursed a strong passion for the traditional art.

The world renowned glass masters like Alfredo Barbini, Loredano Rosin, Vennini, Barovier & Toso were among the first people whom Davide Salvadore worked for, soon after the apprenticeship with his grandfather was over. He learned more about the art from his famous employers and began to assimilate all these with his own personal ideas. The result was a set of stunningly beautiful and innovative works in glass art.

In 1978 he started his own personal initiative. He made magnificent lamp-worked glass beads for his mother’s jewelry shop. The new glass jewelry soon gained attention and he began to work for many fashion designers.

For the next 10 years he was engaged in this work and by 1987 he could establish his own glass kiln. His innovative glass productions soon fetched him great popularity. His passion for the art and panache for perfection and innovation led to his collaborative works with many legendary glass houses.

In 1997 he, with many others founded a non-profit cultural association called Centro Studio Vetro. The aim of this association is to promote glass art all over the world. He works in his kiln named ‘Campagnol e Salvadore’ as a glass master even today. He manages the concern with his two partners. He experiments with lamp work and furnace techniques to produce art pieces which are appreciated all over the world for their original splendor.

He also teaches glass works in many institutions all over the world. He tries to transfer his passion for the great art to his students. The Murano glass art still flourishes as a result of the efforts of people like Davide Salvadore.

by Marina Chernyak

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