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Fashion Jewelry for Summer Enjoyments

Summer is the season of warmth and sunlight. This is the season when the whole earth and its inhabitants come alive. The holidays begin. This is the time to soak up the sunlight for a whole year. The outdoor activities flourish everywhere.

This is the season for concerts, parties and festivals. This is the glam-up time. The ladies flit around in colorful clothes and ornaments. Do you find it difficult to choose the suitable ornaments for special occasions? Here is a guide for you.

The concerts are mainly in the evenings. It is a time for dark colors and glitters. Summer season is not for thick fabrics. Light and flimsy materials will relieve the heat of the evenings. So dress yourself up in chiffons and laces. The ornaments used should be showy and sparkling. Try some of the beautiful Murano glass ornaments. They are available in every color.

These necklaces will suit various occasions when you have to make an appearance during the evening hours. The many layered Murano glass neck laces will be very showy and make you stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, the black and gold single strand neck lace will shimmer around your neck and undoubtedly you will be the toast of the party. The two layered lilac dazzle is a wonderful ornament for evening parties.

Summer is a time for partying. The parties differ in the nature of the crowd, theme and venue. There are teenage parties, family get-togethers, all ladies parties etc. The teenage parties are the gayest of them all. There is no particular dress code and you can wear any dress you want. The ornaments also can be varied. The multicolored Murano glass necklaces will enhance the youthful spirit of any teen girl.

There are some parties that are conducted in broad daylight in very open and public places. These are very colorful and often boisterous in nature.  The street parties conducted by guilds and local organizations and beach parties include in this category. These parties are also devoid of any dress code. They are loud and very showy parties where you appear wearing extremely colorful dresses and matching jewelry. But these parties call for simple but colorful ornaments. The single strand Murano glass necklaces suit these occasions well. These necklaces are crafted in single layers but they are very glitzy.

The concerts, operas and film festivals etc are usually where the elite crowd gets together. You will need elegant dresses with equally elegant ornaments. The Murano glass jewelry artists have provided for such occasions.

Celebrate this summer with the dazzlingly artistic creations of the Murano artists. These neck bands are made of glass beads that are handmade using the age old techniques of Murano. The shape and size of the beads vary considerably. The gold and silver flakes used in these ornaments lend them a unique beauty. Each bead is blown and shaped individually. These ornaments are sure to adorn your person to perfection.                                                                                         

by Marina Chernyak

Murano Glass Gifts

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