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Carnival masks


This is the most popular mask. It is worn to project a gentle manly and heroic character.

The mask is usually white, worn with a black hat. This whole face mask is with a beak like extension at the chin. This enables you to talk, eat and drink.

This is a typical male carnival mask.


This is also a man’s mask with an extension at the chin.

This is a white mask worn with a long cloak.

This mask can be worn for any party and your identity will be unrevealed while chatting and mingling with the people you like.


This is a pretty womanly mask. This projects a high born lady image.

This is a full mask which is heavily decorated in gold and silver. The mask has all the facial features intact.

You can wear this for partying and carnival.


This is another woman’s carnival mask. This enhances the shape of your facial features and hence it is very popular.

This is a full mask which has all the facial features formed with perfection.

It can be used for parties, socializing and carnivals.


This is a feline mask worn by women. 

The mask has cat like features with a captivating naughty girl touch.

If you want to project a mischievous character at fun parties or carnivals, this is the mask for you.


This is a highly colorful carnival mask which is very conspicuous because of its large and spectacular shape.

The mask has a very pleasant comical expression. This is a full face mask with many playful and inwardly curved points projecting in every direction.

This is a good party as well as carnival mask.

Medico della peste

During the past, Venice had been struck by plague many times. So the doctors were said to have used a mask while attending the patients. It has a long hollow nose like structure in which they used to carry herbs for their protection. 

The mask is characterized by the hollow nose like structure. It has two round holes for the eyes. Sometimes it is adorned with wire spectacles also.

This mask will give you a serious and mysterious look. It can be worn in parties and carnivals.

Now that you know the background of the masks and what they represent, you can select the one you want to suit any occasion.


by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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