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Venetian Masks

Venice is the venue for the world famous carnival and the Venetian masks are the much celebrated component of the carnival. The masks are made by the world renowned maskers who have inherited the techniques and expertise from their ancestors. The age-old art is preserved with its entire splendor by the present day maestros.

The Venetian masquerade aims at equalizing the status of all the citizens irrespective of their financial or birth status. This is the day of general enjoyment. The masks preserve the anonymity of the maskers, allowing them to have unrestricted enjoyment and fun.

Our business: We have all kinds of spectacular masks in our collection. There are full face masks and half face masks. You can choose the one you fancy. The showy incas, arlecchino and colorosa masks let you have a reckonable presence in the carnival. If you are a collector, some of our Venetian masks will greatly enhance your collection

We are proud to bring you these splendid creations without losing their original and ancient glory. You can be sure of the genuineness of the products. These whimsically fashioned Venetian masks are handmade in Venice.

Our site: You can browse our website in order to select the masks you want. We guarantee an exclusive shopping experience to every customer. You can be sure of 100% satisfaction on receiving your merchandise. Ours is one of the oldest and renowned on-line retail businesses. We are reputed for the on-line retailing of genuine handicrafts of Europe.

Shipping and return policy: We deliver your goods to you in the least possible time. You will see that your merchandise, however delicate it is, will be packed and transported with utmost care. In case of damage we replace the goods free of cost.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can return the goods to our warehouse, packed in the original package. You can be sure of a full refund minus shipping charges.

Customer care: Ours is an award winning customer care. We are customer friendly and you can have all the information you want from our customer care staff. They are always at your service.

 by Marina Chernyak


Marina Chernyak
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